Unique Retro Christmas Gifts: Half Pint Creamer

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Half Pint Creamer

As Christmas gets near, we will be featuring one our many retro items that will make a great Christmas gift for a loved one on your shopping list. For all things retro and unique gift giving ideas, be sure to check out the many interesting items we have here at Retroplanet.com.

This Half Pint Creamer is shaped just like a paper carton of creamer, but this one is made of glass. Fill this with your favorite coffee or tea companion, whether it’s cream, half and half or milk. This creamer would also be great for dispensing milk into a bowl of cereal, instead of trying to pour from an awkward gallon jug. And because it’s glass, it’s washable and reusable. This is a unique gift that anyone would be happy to get to make mealtime or break time a little more stylish and fun.