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Vintage Finds: Stronghold Building Screws and Nails Display

Aug 12, 2015 |  Retro Staff |  No Comments

We discovered a vintage find that is a great example of stylish mid-century advertising. This sample display from the Independent Nail & Packing Co. was created using type fonts and colors that were very popular in 1957—the copyright date of the printed display. The bold red, black, white and pink are all colors that were

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Vintage Finds: Diamond Tool & Horseshoe Co. Display

Aug 04, 2015 |  Retro Staff |  No Comments

This vintage horseshoe display was made for the Diamond Tool and Horseshoe Company of Duluth, Minnesota. This is the type of board that would have been displayed in a hardware store or tack shop to showcase the variety of sizes and uses for the different horseshoes available to order. The shoes range from a diminutive

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1960s Ad for Coca-Cola Progress Picnic Coolers

Jun 05, 2015 |  Retro Staff |  No Comments

These are very cool photos of a vintage ad for Coca-Cola Picnic Coolers made by the Progress Refrigerator Company, one of the most prolific manufacturers of coolers throughout the mid-century. The front and back of the ad shows an all-aluminum picnic cooler and the “New Steel Model” for that year—the A52 insulated with “Polystrene” (polystyrene).  

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