10 Retro Easter Crafts

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Remember all those holiday crafts you made in grade school? Every holiday called for special projects – table favors, wreaths and other decor you’d take home to Mom. Easter called for eggs, chicks, bunnies and baskets in glorious pastels. I remember weaving construction paper strips to make my own little Easter basket, which we filled with grass and jelly beans.

Hunting for some unique crafts, I stumbled across some awesome ones that remind me of days gone by. Here’s some that really tickled my fancy.

Paper Mache Eggs

A more intricate version of what I made as a kid, these eggs use printed designs and lace. (Source: Vintage Image Craft)

1. Paper Mache Eggs. These are a German tradition, but plenty of us made these as kids and teens. Giant plastic eggs and printed images now make the process easier, and the results prettier! Source: Vintage Image Craft

Wood Easter Basket

Basket made of craft sticks. Source: Frugal Upstate

2. Wooden Baskets. Using crafts sticks, glue and paint. In art class, we glued the sticks to vegetable cans. Source: Frugal Upstate

3. Bunny Cups. Kids will love decorating paper cups with paper, foam, felt and pipe cleaners. Source: Hostess with the Mostess

4. Paint chip wreath: If you have paint sample cards lying around, this simple project uses just scissors, a hole puncher and string. Source: Modern Parents Messy Kids

5. Construction Paper Basket: This is spot on what I did as a kid. It’s so simple and colorful. Source: CaiLun.info

6. Paper Plate Bunny: Another great one for kids (which I also made during grade school)… a folded paper plate with simple embellishments. Source: About.com

7. Milk/Juice Carton Baskets: I remember having to take into school a well-washed milk carton, which we decorated with paper and markers. There’s a great walk-through for that at Stacey says.

8. Polka Dot Easter Eggs: Using vinyl and dyes. Super easy and so pretty. Source: Lil’ Luna

9. String Easter Eggs: Using embroidery thread, starch and a few other supplies you can make these wonderfully decorative pieces at just about any age (with help for the young ones, of course). Source: Crafty Art World

10. Peeps Wreath: Okay, so I never made – nor even thought of making – this one. But it’s so cute I had to include it in my list. Of course, I wouldn’t hang this in particularly humid weather, but I think it would make a nice decoration at a kids party or egg hunt. Source: Eclectically Vintage

Peeps Easter Wreath

Who’d have thought of hanging Peeps on the door? Kelly at Eclectically Vintage did, and I’m getting very hungry…

And that’s my list. Believe me, I had a hard time narrowing it down – there are so many awesome, yet simple, crafts I made as a kid. Unfortunately, like most of our childhood artwork, the bulk of those pieces are long gone.

How about you? Did you make any of these as a kid? Have any of your own favorites to share? Chime in below…



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