1890s Soda Fountain Dual Dispenser

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1890s Soda Fountain Soft Drink Syrup Dispenser

The saturation of water with carbon dioxide dates back to the early 1770s. While the soda fountain itself kicked off in Europe, it saw great success when, in 1806, Yale chemistry professor Benjamin Silliman introduced soda water to the United States.

In the early 1830s, John Matthews and John Lippincott started the manufacture of soda fountains, equipment that continued to gain popularity year after year.

Syrup dispensers were also used to introduce flavors to the soda water. The dispenser shown here is from the 1890s to early 1900s, and was commonly used for making soft drinks at drugstore soda fountains. The druggist would have dispensed the syrup into a glass, and then would have added the carbonated water to complete the soft drink. The syrups were supplied by their own manufacturers and were made of mostly sugar (roughly 85%), and flavoring.

This dispenser has a metal base and faceted glass globes for holding the syrups and would have been refilled by lifting the cover from the top and pouring the syrup in. The manufacturer is unknown.

1890s Soda Fountain Soft Drink Syrup Dispenser

This syrup dispenser features a metal base, and faceted glass globes.


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