1930s Replicas: Trikes & Bikes

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Airflow Red Sky King-Style TrikeOne of my favorite memories is the day I got my little red tricycle. My grandparents bought it for me, and I remember running down our gravel driveway to their car just in time for them to take it out of the trunk. My grandfather painted my name in white, right over the front wheel guard. And, at just about 4 years old, that trike was the best gift I’d ever gotten.

A tricycle is something special – it signifies the move from toddler to child. That trike was my first taste of freedom. Pedaling up and down the street was the ultimate in independence and a sign that my parents trusted me.

Trikes have really come a long way since I was a kid. But it’s the replicas of the ultimate three-wheeled, kid-powered machines that really have me wishing I could go back in time.

The red Sky King tricycle reminds me of a streamlined version of my own original wheels. A beautiful replica of a 1930s tricycle, the Sky King is made of powder coated steel and trimmed with chrome. Solid rubber tires will keep little ones on the road, and ensure that kiddies will never need to call AAA to change a tire.

The Sky King also comes in an adorable princess pink and powder blue. Junior sizes are also available.

Retro Hot Rod TricycleFor today’s little daredevils, there’s a blazing black Hot Rod and a Road Hog version. Both feature the 1930s-style body, but have modern accents. The Hot Rod is based on a Van Doren tricycle and features a cool flame motif, while the Road Hog sports a fringed seat and tassels on the handlebars (did someone say “future biker”?).

A tricycle makes an amazing gift for any child. But with these handsome replicas, once they’ve outgrown pedaling down the street, what’s left is a collectible that can be passed on for generations. Vintage originals are quite rare (many were destroyed during the war effort), making exact and near-exact reproductions attractive on both style and budget.

Beach Cruiser Bike with Training WheelsAnd for kids ready to make the leap to a two-wheeler, the mid-century Beach Cruiser replica comes with removable training wheels. Sporting a sturdy, steel frame, an adjustable seat, adjustable handlebars and retro white-walled tires, the classic-designed bike is sure to become a treasured possession.

Do you remember your first tricycle or bicycle? Do you recall the independence you felt when the training wheels were finally removed?

Share your memories about that awesome sense of freedom…

Last updated: Jun 07, 2012
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