Restored 1939 Mercury Ride On Train

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Front of Mercury Flyer Ride-On Train

Front of Mercury Flyer Ride-On Train

Decades ago, kid-powered vehicles were the norm for young children. Ride-ons and pedal cars took more work on the part of the child, but that made for a truly enjoyable ride. Among this self-propelled vehicles were cars, trucks, fire trucks, planes and, yes, trains!

Made of pressed steel – including the wheels – the 1939 Mercury Flyer toy train engine was manufactured by Keystone Manufacturing Co. of Boston, Mass. Measuring 24″ long, the original color scheme of this Mercury Flyer would have been solid red with white embossed lettering. The design is reflective of the streamlined styling that was so popular from the late 1930s and through the 1940s.

Sorry, this restored item is not for sale, and we are no longer in the restoration business. We show items we’ve restored over the years to further the  hobby of collecting and restoration.

Front View of Mercury Flyer Ride-On Train

Front View of 1939 Mercury Flyer Ride-On Train

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