1947 Tydol Flying A Road Map

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Maine Tide Water Road MapTide Water Association Road Map of Maine

This road map of Maine was issued in 1947 by the Associated Tide Water Oil Company. At the time, their west coast operations were called the Associated Flying A gas stations and the east coast stations were known as Tydol Flying A. The Midwest operations were sold off a few years before.

The cover illustration depicts the New England countryside and a spiffy Tydol service station. The Tydol sign is reflective of the dual identity of the Tydol/Flying A company in the 1940s.

The reverse side of the map has illustrations of a neatly uniformed service station attendant checking the undercarriage and taillights of the car—a reminder of the time when gas stations were full-service stations.

1947 Map of Maine Tydol Flying A


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