Retro Museum: 1950s AMF GMC Fire Truck Pedal Car

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1950s AMF GMC Fire Truck Pedal CarThis pedal car is the A-968 AMF Hook & Ladder Truck. It was restored at Vintage Vending as part of the collection an employee.

The pedal car measures 43 inches long and 18 inches wide.

In a 1959 catalog, the description claims that a child would be positioned higher in the seat of this pedal car than in any other, for easier pedaling.

It was equipped with a battery-operated flashing light and siren. Complete with an authentic-looking wooden ladder and ringing bell.

This item is not for sale. We show restored items in our museum for viewing, information and to further the hobby of collecting and restoration. We also just want to share the photos of the many items we have restored over the years. Sorry, we are no longer in the restoration and parts business and do not offer appraisals.



Last updated: Jan 27, 2014
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