1950s Colors: Cannon Towels & Toilet Paper

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In the 1950s bathroom, color was everything. Often the powder room used one primary color from the pastel palette, and one or two accent colors. It didn’t stop with the walls, fixtures and decor items, either. Manufacturers of all kinds of products recognized the ’50s color palette and used it to offer a plethora of choices. This included towels, tissues, toilet paper – even cleaning supplies and product packaging followed the palette.

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Cannon’s Carefree Colors line featured more than 15 colors one could mix and match. It featured yellows, blues, greens and pinks.

Cannon Towels Ad 1955

Cannon Carefree Colors ad (1955)

Towels weren’t just for bathing, either. Plenty of bathrooms featured shelves and racks for displaying towels as decor accessories, creating a colorful yet “plush” environment.

Cannon Carefree Colors 1950s ad

1950s ad for the Carefree Colors line.

Of course, those wanting to follow the palette to great lengths could also stock up on colored toilet tissue, like Scott’s Soft-Weve, which was available in pink, blue, green and yellow.

Scott's Soft-Weve tissue 1958 ad

1958 ad for Scott Soft-Weve toilet tissue.

From the Soft-Weve ad:

Even before you buy, you can see the lovely colors and softness of Soft-Weve, Scott’s superb 2-ply “facial quality” bath tissue. Choose the color to glamorize your bath or powder room.


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