A Cozy 1950s Inspired Dinette Setup

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If you’re looking for a unique and timeless way to decorate a nook or eat-in kitchen, don’t pass over the classic approach with a 1950s dinette. The ’50s were a prosperous time, and industry was booming. Focus was on recreation and relaxation, and interior design was both fun and vibrant.

Retro 1950s Eat-In Kitchen

Recreation of a 1950s eat-in kitchen.

Many new and renovated households sported large kitchens and formal dining rooms. It wasn’t uncommon for the kitchen to include a “nook” or similar space for smaller, less formal dining, such as breakfast and lunch.

Kitchen shelves with functional decor.

Shelving was both functional and decorative.

Decorative shelving might display trinkets, but also might hold functional items that also doubled as decor. A tea set. A decanter. Salt and pepper shakers. In our creation, we opted for a rooster theme that also spotlighted coffee and breakfast.

When we set out to create this space, we wanted a mixture of home comfort meets the local diner. By integrating retro metal signs or wall decals, or perhaps a vintage style clock, our area became a true escape from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. The result was cozy, inviting, retro and functional…

Shot of dinette set with tablecloth, tableware and retro signage.

Cozy, inviting, retro and functional…

Decorating with a diner, donut shop or coffee shop theme is actually simple and fun. We took the modern chic route, but you could easily go big with integrating lots of tin signs or wall decals that are reminiscent of the ’50s eateries. A lunchtime or soda pop theme would also work well.

Replica dinette sets are versatile. With Formica tops, they’re very casual and informal. Add a tablecloth and the entire area is transitioned.

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Last updated: Apr 28, 2011
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