1950s Pepsi-Cola Ideal Mini Bar

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Pepsi_Ideal_Mini_Bar_zmThis Pepsi-Cola Ideal Mini-Bar was created by modifying a 1950s Pepsi-Cola Ideal 55 “slider” cooler. After being fully restored, it was converted into a mini-bar by adding both a foot rail and a bar top. In addition, the lock on the side door was replaced with a commercial style refrigerator door handle for ease of use.

A piece like this is a real conversation starter! By adding a couple of Pepsi bar stools and accessories, as we’ve done here, you’re all set to go. Unfortunately, this piece is not for sale.


Weight: Approximately 205 lbs.
Dimensions: 43” high x 37” wide x 20” deep


Please note we are showing these items as part of our museum, and for reference only. We are no longer in the restoration and parts business and do not offer appraisals. Sorry, these items are not for sale.

Front view

A custom foot rail adds a great finishing touch.

Back side of Pepsi Mini Bar

Back side of custom Pepsi Mini Bar

Back of Bar

Back of the bar closeup



Last updated: Feb 16, 2010
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