1950s Standard Oil of Kentucky Road Map

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1950s Standard Oil Road MapKYSO Florida Vintage Road Map

Standard Oil of Kentucky was founded in 1886 in Louisville, Kentucky. Originally an independent company, it was bought up as part of the Rockefeller petroleum monopoly. Standard Oil of Kentucky (or KYSO) became an independent company again in 1911, after the monopoly was broken up through a court ruling. KYSO did not refine their own petroleum, so the company purchased Crown Gasoline and Mobiloil lubricants from Standard of New Jersey (later known as ESSO).

This map shows the logo KYSO used following WWII, and before their acquisition in 1960 by Standard of California (later known as Chevron). After KYSO was acquired by Chevron, the logo was changed from a blue background with white letters, to a white background with blue letters. After a gradual transition from “Standard” to “Chevron”, often with both names appearing on signs, the brand name was finally changed to just Chevron in 1971.

This map dates to about 1956 and has a great cover illustration of a couple enjoying some of the recreation available in Florida. The back of the map lists the many brand names of products available through Standard Oil, such as Crown Gasoline, Mobiloil, ESSO Motor Oil and Atlas Batteries.

Standard Oil of Kentucky Florida Map


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