1950s Vintage Texaco Gas Station Decor From Vintage Vending

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Recently we featured photos of our Coca-Cola soda bar setup at our old store in Salem, NH. You can read about it in this blog https://blog.retroplanet.com/creating-cool-1950s-soda-bar-coca-cola-decor/. Today we’re sharing photos of our Texaco gas station display, also from the old store. We don’t have these items anymore so they’re not available to sell but we thought you may enjoy seeing our authentic Texaco service station the way it looked years ago.


Texaco Gas Station


We no longer do restorations, but we did years ago, and this includes most of the items displayed in our gas station setup. Featured front and center on the service island are two beautifully refinished Tokheim 300 gas pumps. One is done in authentic Sky Chief logos and globes and the other is complete with Fire Chief logos and globes. Also on the island are two refinished vintage gas station island lights, painted in Texaco red and green. The trash barrel is a reproduction of a classic 1950s version, just like the ones you’d find in any gas station of the time. Also on the island is an oil can rack filled with reproduction vintage style Texaco oil cans. At RetroPlanet.com we carry reproduction oil cans for other brands, but not Texaco, just in case you are creating a similar setup of your own.


Tokheim Gas Pumps


The Texaco garage display has a 1950s Cavalier Coca-Cola machine prominently displayed out front. This restored machine is complete with authentic Coke and Sprite Boy decals. Beside the machine are Coca-Cola racks for placing the empty bottles—all just like it would have been back in the 1950s. There’s also a Ford gumball machine with dual globes. To complete the look of this gas station, nothing could be more fitting than a classic vintage style wide whitewall tire.


Service Station Display


Around the corner is a restored Eco Model 90 air pump with lamp attachment. There is also a restored vintage payphone. Everything you would expect to find at a 1950s filling station is shown in this display.

You may not have the budget or space for a full-sized replica 1950s Texaco gas station, but if want to create a nostalgic gas station theme in your garage or man cave, be sure to check out our garage category page with signs, thermometers and other gas station accessories.

We hope you have enjoyed looking at these photos. If you’d like to see more photos from our old store, comment and let us know.

Last updated: Jan 23, 2017
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