1951 Formica Story Brochure

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This Formica brochure is from 1951, when postwar residential construction was booming. Total Formica Corporation sales in that year were almost two times what they had been during their most successful war years.

Formica Story 1951 Brochure Cover

The brochure cover showcases two 1950s kitchens.

Inside the brochure is a quaint little story called “Open Formica Inspection”. In the story, Mother falls asleep while Dad takes the family out on their Sunday afternoon drive. She dreams of arriving at a model home and being told that Formica has been installed throughout the house. The dream guide describes what it is and how beautiful and durable it is. This is a great bit of advertising that you probably couldn’t get away with today. We’re a little too cynical to sit and read a story like this. But it is awfully quaint.

Take a look:

Formica Story Brochure: Inside Cover

The inside kicks off with a dream about Formica throughout the home.

Formica Story 1951 Dream Brochure

The dream continues, showing Formica in use in the kitchen and bedroom.


The brochure explains that there was a 16MM color movie available called “Living with Formica” that could have been sent away for to learn more about the virtues of Formica.

Formica 1951 Story Brochure Back

The back shows the transformation of a dingy bathroom.

And the back of the brochure has photos of a great bathroom renovation. With the installation of a Formica Vanitory and wall laminates, an outdated bathroom gets a clean, modern look. It truly is a modern-looking bathroom, resembling photos of new bathroom designs you can see today.




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