Why, This Mixor is Marvelous

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In 1937, Fred Waring introduced the first blender – the Miracle Mixer – at the National Restaurant Show. Waring was a well-known musician and band leader during the 1930s to the 1950s, and frequently appeared on the radio.

Soon after its introduction, the kitchen appliance name was changed to the Waring Blendor. Later, the Waring Mixor – a hand-held electric mixer – was released to the public. The appliance would soon became a staple in nearly every American kitchen.

Like so many other manufacturers, Waring relied heavily on print advertising. Check out this 1955 print ad featuring the Waring Mixor in an oh-so beautiful retro pink.

Retro pink Waring Mixor ad from 1955

Back in the day when the “little things” really made a difference. Note the “steps” on the bottom. These helped the mixer hold steady on the edge of a bowl. The mixer weighed 2lbs, 9oz – which is about what today’s hand mixers weigh.

The design of the hand-held mixer hasn’t changed much over the decades. Today, most include switches on the top (though some are digital), an actual beater eject button and proper ventilation (which keeps the unit from overheating). Subtle changes, like moving the vents to the rear of the appliance, reportedly improve performance. Some companies, like KitchenAid, have modernized the design of the actual beaters, though I don’t find them as sturdy as the old-school ones.

Many of these vintage units are still used in households today, and can often be found for sale at yard sales and online auctions.

Do you have an original Waring Mixor? Does it still run in your kitchen?

Last updated: Feb 28, 2013
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