Retro Road Maps: 1956 Cities Service

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This is a 1956 road map for New Hampshire and Vermont issued by the Cities Service Company. In 1910 the young entrepreneur, Henry Latham Doherty, founded the Cities Service Company in order to provide gas and electricity to public utilities in the Midwest. By 1915 they had 98 subsidiaries and were headquartered on New York City’s Wall Street. In order to update their image, the name was changed to CITGO in 1965.

The Cities Service slogan was “For People Going Places!” and this idea is illustrated on this road map. People are seen driving to all kinds of destinations and engaged in a variety of outdoor activities. The artwork on this map is very modern and upbeat, projecting a very positive and lively image for the gas company and their customers.

Last updated: Jun 02, 2009
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