6 Decorating Tips For Hanging Posters and School Charts

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Periodic Hanging Chart

One of hottest trends in wall decor today is to display hanging posters. That’d be posters that look a lot like antique school charts, scientific charts and pull down maps—but unlike the old ones, these are brand new and are a lot more affordable. Some of the uses for hanging charts are:


World Map Chart


1. Hang a chart or poster that defines the intended purpose for that room or part of the house. An example is to position a map over a desk to define a study area. Our new hanging charts are reminiscent of vintage pull down school charts and have the same great look (without having to pull them down). They may also come in handy when doing geography homework!


Bees Honey Chart


2. Use a poster to designate an eating space in a multi-use living and dining room. It helps separate out that area and will brighten up your wall decor. A charming vintage style chart like the Bees & Honey Poster & Hanger Kit makes a great addition to an eating space in your kitchen or dining room.


Veggie Hanging Chart


3. Veggie charts are a great way to bring vintage charm to a kitchen, whether the look in your home is eclectic, traditional or vintage farmhouse.


Human Anatomy Charts


4. Scientific charts can be very cool additions to an industrial or steampunk decor and can be easily made by using posters like these and adding our hanging kits.


Butterfly Charts


5. Hanging charts are a stylish way to add interest to a wall in a powder room. Hang two like themed charts side by side on a large wall and you can add a ton of drama to a room.


Eye Hanging Chart


6. Create interest in an area that was previously just dead space on a blank wall. A hanging chart can be displayed as part of an arrangement of combined framed and unframed objects to create a wall gallery. These can include a clock, old paint-by-number paintings, photos and empty frames, too! There are many ways to cluster wall decor over a piece of furniture and Pinterest is a great source for ideas and plans to choose from.

We currently carry nearly two dozen preassembled hanging charts and poster and hanging chart kits in a range of styles and subjects and we’re adding more all the time. There are also over 100 posters that by adding either a vertical or horizontal hanging poster kit, allow you to create your own hanging chart. The result is a unique piece of wall art.


Hobby And Seasonal Charts

Hanger kits can be added to posters like these to make hanging charts that celebrate a season, or perhaps a favorite hobby.


Our kits and posters are fantastic for creating a wall hanging for a season or holiday since you can easily switch them out for a different hanging chart during the appropriate season.

Click here to see the PDF with instructions for making your own hanging chart. See below to watch the video illustrating just how easy it is!


Last updated: Sep 14, 2016
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