7Up Progress A1 Picnic Cooler Stand

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This is a 7Up Progress A1 picnic cooler that we restored, as well as the cooler stand it’s positioned on. This cooler was designed to keep 24 bottles of 7Up cool. The stand allowed for additional bottles as well as empties. A setup like this one was ideal for relatively low-volume sales of soda pop. There is a bottle opener and cap catcher on the side and interlocking handles on top for carrying the cooler.

7Up Progress A1 Picnic Cooler & StandProduced: 1940s
Dimensions: (without stand) 18”L x 13”W x 10”H
Manufactured by: Progress Refrigerator Company

Sorry, this item is not for sale. We show restored items in our museum for viewing, information and to further the hobby of collecting and restoration. We also just want to share the photos of the many items we have restored over the years.

Last updated: Mar 18, 2010
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