Refresh Decor with Vintage Style Accent Rugs & Doormats

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Laundry Dogs Accent Rug

Laundry Dogs Accent Rug

Looking for a simple way to refresh your home décor? An accent rug or doormat goes a long way, especially in the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, and entryway.

These retro-themed rugs are perfect for the home and beach house. Unlike their cheap counterparts, they’re are made from acrylic, and won’t fade or mildew. They’re machine washable, too, which means they’re durable and made to last.

Measuring 34′ x 22′, they’ll fit by the kitchen sink, as well as by the patio door.

Fiesta Chilis Accent Rug

The Fiesta Chilis Accent Rug is great for the kitchen.

Surfing Woody Rug

Show you’re love for beach and surf…

Pink Flamingo Rug

This Pink Flamingo Rug will look great in a tropical-themed bathroom.


Last updated: Apr 27, 2011
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