1933 Adaptall Quick Drying Enamel Brochure

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This little brochure contains paint chips of the Adaptall brand enamel.  It dates to 1933. These paints were intended for furniture, appliances and even radiators, furnace and pipes. Adaptall was appropriate to use on wood, metal or plaster. There were also chips of waterproof varnish stains for furniture, floors and woodwork.

Adaptall 1933 Brochure

The illustrations show some great vintage home interiors. The kitchen is very quaint, with a storybook country cottage look and tiles linoleum floor. In the game room you can see an old cathedral-style radio on the table. Note the steam radiator units and old coal-burning furnace. You can even catch a glimpse of the room for storing coal off to the side. This gives you an idea of how much homes have changed over the years.

Enamel Colors Page


If you’re looking to create a 1930s or 40s look in your home, you may like using these color chips as your color inspiration.

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