Another Cool Use for Retroplanet Products

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Retroplanet Products: Another Cool Use

There are great ways to use the products at that you may not have even thought of. How about using some of them to add a retro look to a school project? My daughter recently had to create a science project called a “Rollercoaster”. Using plastic tubing with a series of rises and falls and a marble, the idea is to demonstrate kinetic and potential energy. The theme for the rollercoaster was left up to the students to choose.

My daughter paired up with a good friend of hers that happens to be wild about Elvis Presley, so they choose their theme very easily. For props, there was already the Elvis Presley White Jumpsuit Posable Figurine that my daughter had given to her friend for her birthday. We added a great 24 x 36 poster of the King as a backdrop (we used item #27111 Elvis Presley Live on Stage), and we had the perfect setting to create the rollercoaster. The project was presented with Elvis songs as a backdrop, and I’m very pleased to say that my daughter and her friend both received an “A” for the their work.

These two items were a great way to personalize this school project and give it a theme the girls could run with. We hope our products may inspire your next school project.

Last updated: Jan 25, 2010
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