The Apple II Becomes the Longest-Running Series

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The First Apple II ComputerThirty-five years ago, the first “real” personal computer hit the market. The Apple II hit store shelves on June 5, 1977. It’s hard to believe it was that long ago – it would be eight years before Windows 1.0 emerged, and nearly 13 years before home users were given great reasons to purchase a family computer.

There was an Apple I, but it was primarily geared toward electronic enthusiasts rather than actual computer users.

The Apple II series was the company’s primary source of revenue for more than a decade. It was the first computer to attract a truly loyal community – one that was so die-hard it became bitter when Apple rolled the Apple II series profits into production of the Macintosh. Apple did continue to sell the Apple II systems alongside Macintosh computers until it finally terminated the last of the series in late 1993.

Apple ran many print advertisements for the Apple II series. Like today, they primarily featured heavy text and non-busy graphics.

Apple II print ad 1977

Print ad for the original Apple II (Byte Magazine, 1977)



Television ads were scarcer. But here’s what we believe is the first TV commercial for the Apple II series of computers:



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