How to Apply Our Retro Style Vinyl Stickers

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Retro Planet vinyl sticker sheets make it possible to take an ordinary object and transform it into a retro-inspired piece of decor. Here are the easy instructions that will allow you to enhance any flat surface made of glass, metal or plastic:

A standard kitchen toaster with atomic symbol stickers applied

Retro stickers with themes like these atomic symbols make it easy to add some vintage style to your kitchen.


Take Note:

  • Always apply stickers to a clean, dry surface.


  • Before applying your stickers, practice with the free Retro Planet stickers that came with your purchase.


  • Vinyl stickers have an aggressive adhesive. We recommend using them on glass, metal, plastic, or any other flat surface where they won’t need to be removed. We do not recommend putting them on painted walls or uneven surfaces.


  • Our sticker sheets are easy – just peel and apply!


Stickers with intricate designs may come with a transfer tape layer, which makes them easier to apply. In these cases, simply follow the sequence below:

Use scissors to cut around the sticker before applying

Cut out individual stickers, as close to the stickers as you can.


Remove backing to apply sticker

Remove the backing layer to expose the adhesive.


Position sticker prior to applying

Place your sticker and rub in place to stick firmly to the surface.


Once sticker is applied peel away paper

Remove the transfer tape and you’re all done!


Watch our video for useful tips when applying and decorating with stickers:

Be sure to check out all of the different themes and styles of our sticker sheets. These include kitchen stickers like fruits and vegetables, cupcakes, as well as gears, keys, Route 66 signs and atomic starburst symbols. And we’re adding to them all of the time. So be sure to have a look!

Last updated: Oct 09, 2014
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