Armstrong Vinyl Corlon (1950s)

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From May 1959 comes this ad for Armstrong Vinyl Corlon. Trademarked in 1946 and introduced in the late ’50s, Corlon became a popular “luxury” material. It was pricey, but was built to last.

1959 Armstrong Corlon Ad

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This vintage ad represents the pride companies took in their products, and the appealing designs used in advertising. It focused on three main selling points:

  • Design: Using modern colors and accents, one could transform a room, like a bathroom, into a decorative masterpiece.
  • Installation: Armstrong supported local retailers and craftsmen in its ads. Back then, installers focused on quality and design more than anything else.
  • Add-On: Armstrong also manufactured an underlayment called Cushion-Eze, which was designed to ease the “hardness” of the floor beneath.

Armstrong still produces a line of Corlon (see it here). Today, well-maintained flooring installations like the one shown in the ad increases the appeal of a time capsule home.


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