1950s Inspired Design Decal Sheets

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Retro Fridge decorated with Boomerang DecalsOne of our latest product lines will help you transform walls, appliances, even your laptop or tablet, instantly. These atomic and boomerang design decal sheets are available in two different sizes. Just peel and stick each decal to any smooth, flat surface.

Made in the USA of premium opaque polyester fabric, these high-quality decals have a matte finish, so there’s no glare. Each sheet contains several individually cut decals so you can arrange them any way you’d like.

If you have a vintage refrigerator, here’s where you can add a fantastic touch. Of course, incorporating 1950s design with modern appliances will also work well.

Atomic Starburst Wall Decals Medium Sheet

Atomic Starburst Decals

Offices and waiting rooms will also look spectacular with splashes of ’50s style designs and colors. As will vintage dining areas and kids’ and family rooms. With a low-tac adhesive, they’re strong enough to hold on ceilings without being totally permanent.


Atomic Symbol Wall Decals

Spruce up the sitting area with retro style seating, lighting, and atomic symbols!

Atomic Starburst Wall Decals

Turn the home office area into a 1950s workspace!































































Want to turn that eat-in kitchen into a mini diner? The right wall pattern will showcase the chrome dinette set perfectly.

f atomic design isn’t your thing, you’ll find plenty of other patterned wall decals—including cherries, mod starburts, fruit slices and bubbles—at the Patterns & Abstracts section.

You’ll also find these, and many other designs, in sticker form, which can be used to decorate lockers, book cases, laptops, and more.

What do you think of these “new” ideas of fifties design? What’s the perfect room in your home or workplace to take back in time? We’d love to hear your feedback!

And, if you’ve applied any of our patterned decals, we’d love to see the end product. Upload your pictures right here.

Retro Boomerang Decals

Go totally retro with the eat-in kitchen!




Last updated: Apr 28, 2014
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