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Space Ship Shelving Unit in BlueGenerations of children have looked up at the sky and imagined flying through space and having fantastic adventures on board their very own spaceships.  Whether it’s undertaking missions in command of the USS Enterprise, the Millennium Falcon, the Jupiter 2, or even exploring distant and dangerous planets with a robot companion like Robby or B-9, space travel has always featured prominently in the dreams of children and imaginative adults.

Ted Freeman, the creator of Atomic Playrooms, an amazing new line of space-themed furniture, was one of these children.  Growing up on shows like Lost in Space and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea fostered in Ted “a life-long desire to interact with large plate metal devices and vehicles, preferably in space or some futuristic environs.”  Inspired by these early shows and propelled by an artist’s eye for design and a child’s enthusiasm and exuberance, Ted turned his creativity towards adding some robots and “playful spaced-out sculptural furniture designs” to his line.

Ted’s foray into interstellar design resulted in seven unique pieces that are sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys retro science fiction or who has not lost a child’s sense of wonder when he looks at the stars.

Red and Silver Robot Shelf System

The ’50s-Style Robot Storage Structure stands nearly 7-feet high and features lots of storage space. You might have trouble deciding to put it in a bedroom, living room or office.

Currently, Ted’s crowning creation is the ATLAS Robot Shelf and Play Structure.  A colossal construct, the ATLAS cuts an imposing figure in any room.  A wonderful way to display action figures, DVDs, or books, the ATLAS is ideal for children’s rooms.  Kids will love having adventures and guiding action figures and favorite stuffed animals on epic quests through ATLAS’ many nooks and crannies.  ATLAS is also an excellent inclusion in any space-minded adult’s decor.  Imagine an ATLAS in Blaster Red or Astro Blue peering over your shoulder in the office or the library!

The Rocket Rack Shelf and Play Structure is always ready to blast off into the stars.  Powered on pure imagination, this seven-foot-tall shelf has a classic sci-fi rocket ship design that’s sure to put a smile on any space fan’s face.  Great for kids’ rooms, and ideal for any imaginative grown-ups’ area, this rocket ship shelf is great for displaying favorite books and beloved action figures.

A bit lighter on the wallet, but still big on retro robot style is Ted’s collection of Mini-Mech Robot Shelves.  Reminiscent of Space Invaders, Roy, Lee, and Crosby are all available individually and add whimsy to any room.  A great way to encourage the imagination, any one of these Mini-Mechs can also be used as bedside tables – Mini-Mechs make great nighttime companions and are sure to protect little ones from things that go bump in the night.

Red Robot Shelf

The Atomic Playroom Robot line includes wall shelving in retro red, blue and green.

The Atomic Playrooms furniture line can be incorporated into all manner of living spaces and businesses.  Designed with heart and imagination and constructed with care and attention to quality and detail, Atomic Playrooms, in Ted’s words, will “be of interest to anyone with an appreciation of the simple geometry of planar forms…modified so that they interact in a way that evokes the metal plating of the high art of 50s-era sci-fi set design.”  So if you grew up with your eyes on the sky, or know a child who dreams of intergalactic adventures, the Atomic Playroom line will make dreams come true for many years to come.

What’s your favorite retro robot? Are you a fan of the ’50s and ’60s space shows? Share your robot and rocket memories.

Last updated: Sep 12, 2012
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