Baker’s Twine – A Simple Treasure

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Spool of Red and White Baker's Twine

Traditional Baker’s Twine is red and white, but its popularity in crafting has resulted in the surface of other color combinations.

Years ago it was common to carry home fresh bread, cakes or pastries in boxes or paper held closed with decorative twine. This twine was commonly red-and-white (and sometimes blue-and-white). Many would untie it carefully and save it for future fix-it use.

Some refer to baker’s twine as butcher’s twine, though the twine the butcher used was more commonly white or a single color.

Today this twine is still used at some bakeries. It’s gained popularity at home, too, for accenting packages and craft projects. Baker’s twine is a big hit with scrap bookers as well.

Do you remember Mom bringing home fresh baked goods wrapped in paper (or in a box), adorned with this classic-colored string?

Last updated: Jan 30, 2013
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