Billiard Table Lights for that Pool Hall Vibe

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We’re always on the lookout for game room products that make your leisure time more fun – and billiard table lights certainly fit that description!

Miller Lite 3 shade

Miller Lite Lamp


As the name implies, pendant-style billiard lights are designed to hang above a pool table. While you can find billiard lamps made with a single long, rectangular shade, the three-shade variety we carry illuminates more of the table, spreading light from corner to corner. The shades are attached to sleek, polished metal hardware, and 53″ chains give you plenty of length to hang your lamp at the optimum height.

Corvette 3 shade

Corvette Lamp


Each lamp shade is made of polyresin and features bold, man-friendly graphics on two sides. We picked designs that will match nearly any game room theme – classic cars, beer, military, hunting, and more.

Fire Department Lamp

Fire Dept Lamp


The shades’ conical shape ensures even lighting over your pool table, eliminating distracting shadows and glare. That’s right – pool table lights are decorative and they can improve your game!

Las Vegas 3 shade

Las Vegas Lamp


But these lamps aren’t just for pool tables. You can hang a billiard light over a ping pong, foosball, or poker table; your home bar; a workbench in your garage; or anywhere you have fun, as general game room lighting fixtures.

Anheuser Busch 3 shade

Anheuser Busch Lamp


Take a look at our three-shade pool table lamps and see which ones might work in your own game room!

Hunting 3 shade

Hunting Lamp

Last updated: May 31, 2017
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