Blackhawk Ginger Ale Bottle Label

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Blackhawk Soda Pop Label

In 1873, the Carse and Ohlweiler Bottling Company was formed by Henry Carse, John Elder and John Ohlweiler. They set up their business on the corner of Eleventh Street and Fifth Avenue in Rock Island, Illinois. The company produced Root Beer, Ginger Ale and other flavored sodas. This line, which included about 11 flavors, was given the brand name “Blackhawk” after the native warrior and leader, Black Hawk, of the Sauk tribe of Illinois. In addition to bottling soft drinks, the Carse and Ohlweiler bottled cider was reportedly the best in the area. The business operated for over fifty years.

This label is for the most popular and famous of the Carse & Ohlweiler sodas, Ginger Ale. The slogan for Blackhawk soda was “Thirst Come, Thirst Served!”. This particular label dates to the 1940s.

Carse & Ohlweiler Co.
Rock Island, Illinois

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