Bud’s Best Root Beer Bottle Label

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Bud’s Best Soda Pop Label

This is a 1920s label for Bud’s Best Root Beer, bottled in Newport, New Hampshire at the Newport Bottling Works. Bud’s (also spelled “Budd’s”) was founded in 1916 by Alexander Budnitz as a grocery store for Polish immigrants. In 1917 Budnitz became licensed to bottle Coca-Cola for the Coca-Cola Company and in 1922 he decided to make his own brand of soda and started Budd’s Beverages, Inc. Some of the other Budd’s flavors were Grape, White Birch Beer, Dark Birch Beer and Cream.

Additional soft drink brands the Newport Bottling Works produced were Old Sol, Fruit Bowl and Dartmouth Dry. In addition to Coke, they also distributed Moxie and Ted’s Root Beer. Budd’s manufacturing plant was closed in 1972.

Produced by:
Newport Bottling Works
Newport, New Hampshire