Caine’s Arcade Reminds Us of Past Childhoods

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Remember when our imaginations were the driving force behind our fun days? Having to hop across living room furniture to avoid the lava… Operating imaginary cash registers to run a store…

Caine Making GamesCouple the “see the bigger picture” with the traditional lemonade stand and you get Caine’s Arcade, a 9-year-old Los Angeles boy’s Do-It-Yourself (DIY) business. The boy spent a summer at his dad’s auto parts shop building “arcade” games out of boxes. For $1 you could play four games, and for a mere $2 you could get a Fun Pass, good for 500 plays.

Caine’s efforts went beyond rigging simple things to the plethora of cardboard boxes his father let him use. When you win tickets at a game, he ducks behind the box and feeds them to you through a slot.

Some might say Caine’s “machines” need coats of paint, but it’s the simplicity of it all that makes him a Retro-style winner in our book.

Check out the short film and you’ll see what we mean.


Forever Young flying scene

In FOREVER YOUNG, simple things are used to create a plane's cockpit in a treehouse. Movement of the camera emulated imagination, making viewers feel as if Mel Gibson and Elijah Wood were actually flying.

It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen one’s imagination put to use like this. A more recent (albeit, old) example is the “learning to fly a plane” scene in the movie, Forever Young in 1992.

We think Caine represents many great things. He has a great imagination. He is so creative and positive that he makes us also see the bigger picture (it’s easy to forget you’re looking at boxes). He is hard-working and persistent. He is humble.

We’re glad others saw the bigger picture, too. A flash mob rewarded Caine with what he most desired: actual customers. And a recent endeavor to build a college fund for has garnered more than $73,000 in the first two days.

Excited to share Caine’s story? Want to keep abreast of his business life? You can learn more about Caine’s Arcade at the short film’s web site. You can also visit the Facebook Page and follow everything via Twitter.

You can also talk about Caine’s Arcade by commenting below. We’ll pass discussion info onto Caine’s “people”.


Last updated: Apr 11, 2012
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