Camera Bag: Retro Looking Photographs With The iPhone

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Juke Box - iPhone App Camera Bag Photo

Picture of a Juke Box taken with the Camera Bag app for the iPhone (02/2009)

We have been a Mac run business since we opened 11 years ago. So when the iPhone came out I picked one up and I love it. I was not very impressed with the camera function of it however until I bought the app Camera Bag. This app simulates the look of different old cameras with fun results. I think when you convert your pictures to one of these looks it actually masks some of the short comings of the iPhone camera.

The cameras in the Camera Bag include:

  • Helga – A square format toy camera feel with washed out highlights.
  • 1974 – Faded and tinted look.
  • Lolo – Vibrant colorful shots.
  • Cinema – Dramatic old movie look.
  • 1962 – Black and whites with a photo journalist kind of an appeal.
  • Ansel – Smooth gradiation from black and white.

Also included are infrared and fisheye which are not exactly retro but fun.

Once you take the photo you can add any of the looks to the photo, save it and then add another look, and again and again ending up with one photo with all the different looks if you want.

There are a ton of photography apps for the iPhone, Old Camera is another that works well. If you have an iPhone make sure you check some of them out. I have included some shots from around the Retro Planet offices.

Mobil Gas Pump-iPhone App Camera Bag Photo

Retro Planet Office-iPhone App Camera Bag Photo

D-Con Ant Killer-iPhone App Camera Bag Photo

Electric Guitar-iPhone App Camera Bag Photo

Kodak Film Light Up Sign-iPhone App Camera Bag Photo

Vintage Drinking Glasses-iPhone App Camera Bag Photo

Mobil Pegasus Cookie Cutter Sign-iPhone App Camera Bag Photo

Spaceman Robot-iPhone App Camera Bag Photo

Vintage Shell Clamshell Sign-iPhone App Camera Bag Photo

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