Campbell’s Releases Warhol Soup Cans

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Campbell's Soup Cans with Warhol Art

Four pop-art designs with a tribute to Andy Warhol. Mmm-mmm-good!

Get them while they last!

Starting this weekend, your tomato soup comes in a pop-art can paying tribute to iconic artist Andy Warhol. Campbell Soup Co. is taking it’s stab at retro marketing by styling cans after Warhol’s famous paintings of the brand’s tomato soup cans.

Some argue the marketing is to help Campbell’s pick up speed in the marketplace, while others say the company is honoring Warhol’s artistic expression. For retro enthusiasts, it matters not.

The limited edition cans can be bought at Target stores for 75-cents each. There are four different designs (each based on Warhol’s original paintings), and the back of each can features an image of Warhol and his famous quote: “In the future everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes.”


Last updated: Sep 02, 2012
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