Vintage Cars: Cruisin’ Gifts & Party Favors

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Classic Cruisers 1956 Ford Thunderbird

Classic Cruisers can be used as centerpieces, party favors or meal cartons.

The car of my dreams? I’ll take a ’56 Ford Thunderbird. In pink, please.

These Classic Cruisers car cartons make great party favors and centerpieces. For those who appreciate the autos from yesteryear, they’re perfect for birthday parties, reunions and anniversaries. And with volume discounts, you really can’t go wrong.

Classic Cruisers are “foldable” paperboard cars you can display as-is or fill with goodies, like small toys, nostalgic candy, or even burgers and fries. Officially licensed, the detail is amazing, right down to grille, headlights and gauges. They’re fairly sturdy (but should be handled with care), and if you use them to serve up a meal you’ll want to use the optional plastic inserts to protect the paperboard from stains (the inserts also make the cars sturdier).

1956 Ford Fairlane Hot Rod Classic Cruiser Carton

1956 Ford Fairlane Hot Rod Classic Cruiser

With more than 30 models dating back to a 1954 Chevy Corvette, chances are there’s a car someone special owned or wanted, making Classic Cruisers great gifts, too. Fill them with chocolates on Valentine’s Day, Peeps on Easter, or a bag of candy for a “just because” day. People love them, and often keep them on display at work or home.

I had my eye on a ’64-1/2 Mustang for years. How about you?

When decorating for a get-together or grand event, these cars can help set the tone. Atomic designed or checkered tablecloths make a great statement. We’ve seen people use the cars in conjunction with old 45 records, serving up floats in soda fountain glasses. You could throw an all-out vintage car bash, and hang Classic Cruisers from ceilings, or build a mock shadow box to display every model.

Red '57 Chevy Truck

1957 Chevy Pickup

What’s your favorite ride from the ’50s and ’60s? Are you fond of the hot rod? The pickup? The cruiser? If you have a vintage ride, we’d love to see it.

And if you throw a get-together with these cartons, be sure to send us your pics. We’re always looking for design and decor inspiration to share with our readers.




Last updated: Mar 25, 2014
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