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Wooly Willy: The Toy No One Wanted

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In the 1950s Smethport Specialty Company produced magnetic and metal toys, along with military components. Brothers Donald and James Herzog worked for the Pennsylvania company when, in 1955, James realized the dust from grinding magnets could be used as a drawing tool. Soon after he filed to patent the first Wooly Willy magnetic drawing kit.

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Unique Gifts: Magic Cymbal Monkey Toy

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This Magic Cymbal Monkey Toy is a remake of an old classic. Battery operated, he clangs his cymbals as he hops around and chirps. Many different cymbal monkeys have been made since the 1950s. The original – called the Musical Jolly Chimp – was made by Japanese company Daishin C.K. during the ’50s, ’60s and

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