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These aren’t your typical collections. From Coca-Cola to vintage bowling trophies, these acquired treasures are as interesting as they are unique. Have some retro collectibles you’d like to share? Send them to us!

Collecting Mexican Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

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Looking to start some kind of a collection, or merely to add some color and charm to a kitchen or dining room? Then consider starting a salt and pepper shaker collection. Salt and pepper shakers of all sorts are highly collectible nowadays but most are still very affordable, so it doesn’t have to cost a

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Vintage Santa Claus Christmas Collection

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Christmas Year Round With Christmas fast approaching, what better time than now to share my little collection with you. Having the luxury of working at the coolest place on the planet (Retro Planet), collecting is second nature to me. I have lots of little collections, but my favorite is by far my Vintage Santa display.

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Collecting Vintage Soda Fountain Glasses and Paper Cups

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Back when the majority of soda was sold at fountains almost every brand had their own designed glass used for serving. The result? Hundreds of different brands and styles of soda fountain glasses and paper cups available to collect. Early soda fountain glasses have a syrup line – the mark to which servers filled with

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