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To be a true American Icon, something (or someone) must have origins within the American culture. That first spark might have occurred abroad, but Americans embraced it and made it uniquely their own. So many have tried to emulate them, but these American icons are totally unique.

American Icons: Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles

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“The Legend Rolls On” The Harley-Davidson® motorcycle has a following and a mystique about it that no other motorcycle in the world has. It is part of the American tradition and has become an American icon. The concepts that accompany the name “Harley-Davidson®” are those of freedom and tradition, and riders share a distinct sense

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Diners: An American Icon

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From Horse-Drawn Wagon to the Great American Diner A “diner” is typically defined as a prefabricated building or modular structure, designed as a location from which to prepare and serve food. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a diner as “a restaurant usually resembling a dining car in shape”. The name derived from railroad dining cars, since

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