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Quite popular in the ’40s and ’50s was using mascots to promote products and brands. Couple these with classic cartoon and animated movie characters (some of which became mascots as well), and you have a whole other world of “friends” we’ve come to know very well. Many of these characters are as cherished as classic movie stars, creators and pacesetters.

Shakin’ Things Up With Your Favorite Retro Characters

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One of the most popular souvenirs picked up during travels in the ’50s and ’60s was the novelty salt and pepper shaker set. Whether custom designed for a particular destination or just adorable, such sets were small and functional. They could also serve as home decor, and it was not uncommon for people to display

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Thor: The Dark World to Open This Friday [First, Some History…]

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Someone at Marvel Studios needs to explain why Thor: The Dark World is opening on Friday, November 8th, and not Thursday, the 7th. The reason? Thursday is actually named for Thor (“Thor’s day”—you can learn about that here). Missed marketing opportunities aside, fans of Marvel’s god of thunder will flock to theaters Friday and revel

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The Esso Oil Drop Man

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The Esso Oil Drop Man is an advertising character that was first seen in campaigns by Esso’s Danish company during World War II.  He was created to explain the reason behind shortages in petroleum products during the war.  Soon after his debut, other European affiliates began to use this cute character in their advertising campaigns.

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