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History of the Soda Fountain

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For most, the term “soda fountain” refers to the soft drink dispensers located in fast food chains and convenience stores, dispensing Diet Coke, Orange Crush or Hires Root Beer. In the earliest days of the soda fountain, though, it had a very different meaning. The original soda fountain got its start n the latter part

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1933 Adaptall Quick Drying Enamel Brochure

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This little brochure contains paint chips of the Adaptall brand enamel.  It dates to 1933. These paints were intended for furniture, appliances and even radiators, furnace and pipes. Adaptall was appropriate to use on wood, metal or plaster. There were also chips of waterproof varnish stains for furniture, floors and woodwork. The illustrations show some

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1950s Chromcraft Dinette Furniture Color Chart

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  Shown here is a 1950s Chromcraft brochure with sample chips of plastic laminates for dinette tabletops and plastic upholstery for the coordinating chairs. Very modern-looking, durable dinette sets were all the rage from the mid-1940s through the early 1960s. I recognize both the table and chair coverings that we had on our set when

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