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Take a walk down your taste buds’ memory lane. Here we feature nostalgic candy, vintage soda pop, classic diner and restaurant fare, and old-fashioned recipes that are tried and true.

Happy Birthday, Swanson TV Dinner…

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In the 1920s, Clarence Birdseye developed a quick freezing process in order to preserve foods without heavily compromising flavor. In quick freezing, food is frozen very fast, so only tiny ice crystals have a chance to form. While many companies attempted to make ready-made meals, it took nearly thirty years to see real success. That’s

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How New Coke Strengthened the Coca-Cola Brand

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In an effort to re-energize it’s long-lasting brand, Coca-Cola took one of the biggest risks in consumer goods history on April 23, 1985. That’s the day the company introduced “New” Coke, unprepared for the consumer firestorm it would trigger. I remember that week well. Still able to leave school grounds during lunch hour, friends and

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Like Cola

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Just 13 years after 7 Up’s diet soda, Like, was discontinued, the company introduced Like Cola. First distributed in 1982, Like Cola was one of the first attempts at producing a soda with virtually no caffeine. By law, colas had to have some caffeine content, so the pop was labeled as “99% Caffeine-Free”. Like Cola’s

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Vintage Whitman’s Valentine’s Day Ads

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In the beginning (nearly 2,000 years ago), consumption of chocolate drinks and the like were reserved for special occasions. Its labeling as an aphrodisiac increased chocolate’s popularity.  For some time, the elite enjoyed the benefits of the cocoa bean, while others used it as currency. Chocolate was a true luxury – some believed it even

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