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Open 24/7, this retro museum features vintage advertising, “then” cutting-edge appliances, maps, catalogs, classic toys and more. Learn the history of the Lucky Cat and review the chronology of Coca-Cola cans. You’ll find even more at the Collecting section.

The Esso Oil Drop Man

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The Esso Oil Drop Man is an advertising character that was first seen in campaigns by Esso’s Danish company during World War II.  He was created to explain the reason behind shortages in petroleum products during the war.  Soon after his debut, other European affiliates began to use this cute character in their advertising campaigns.

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Coca-Cola Bottle Shapes Over the Years

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Coca-Cola’s Different Bottle Shapes Coca-Cola was first bottled by the Biedenharn Candy Company in Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1894. The proprietor, Joseph A. Biedenharn, was a customer of The Coca-Cola Company, buying Coca-Cola syrup and serving the soft drink to customers at his soda fountain. He came up with the idea of making Coke available to

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