Celebrate the Route 66 States on Vertical Wall Decals

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Celebrating the nostalgia of Route 66 and the American tradition of cross-country road trips are the Route 66 Vertical Wall Decals. Made to look like rusted roadside markers that appeared on the famous road, these wall decals can be displayed on any smooth surface. Featuring the iconic shield logo with the name of a Rt. 66 state, the next gas station or diner, these wall decals will add a vintage vibe to the walls of your office, den or garage.


Vertical state Route 66 wall decals

Group a bunch of vertical decals on the wall of your garage or game room for major impact.


Diner gas and motel wall decals

With your own vintage finds and Route 66 wall decals you can create classic retro gas station decor.


To add to their authentic road sign looks these decals are vertical, but this also gives you some unique decorating options. Because they’ve got a narrow profile, they’ll fit into a lot of wall spaces that a horizontal sign won’t: next to a doorway, on a door itself, along the edge of a cubicle wall, and more. Route 66 wall decals are available in a variety of sizes—26″, 50″, and 72″ vertical—giving you even more versatility. And they’re removable when you want to change things up.


Vertical Route 66 wall decals

Wall decals let you get creative with placement as you do some DIY decor design.


Just a few ideas are to display the “Gas Ahead” and “Diner” decals in a garage or a kitchen and the “state line” versions are great for showing your pride in your home state. You can also pick up the whole set and display them throughout a room in celebration of the American cross-country road trip.

Last updated: Oct 07, 2014
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