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Cherryette Soda Bottlecap“Thirsty or Not”

Cherryette soda was a black cherry flavored soda made by the Grapette Company starting in the late 1940s. The carbonated soft drink was sold in 6-ounce bottles, but it was also possible to purchase just the concentrated syrup.

Along with other flavors like Lemonette and Orangette, Cherryette syrup came in collectible 8-ounce glass bottles in a variety of animal shapes, such as a kitten, bear or an elephant. The concentrated syrup came in a total of eight different flavors and was mixed with water at home to make a non-carbonated drink.

Cherryette was not as popular as some of the other flavors made by Grapette and was eventually phased out of the product line.

In 1972 the Grapette Company was sold to the Rheingold Corporation and the soda company’s name was changed to Flavette and was relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Changes in company policy dealing with distributors resulted in a reduction of sales. In 1977 the Monarch Company bought the Grapette soda rights and stopped making Grapette in favor of their own NuGrape soda. Then in 2000, the rights to both Grapette and Orangette were purchased by Grapette International and by a joint agreement are available exclusively at Walmart stores even today.

The Grapette Company, Inc.
Camden, Arkansas

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