The Iconic Leg Lamp

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A Christmas Story Desk Leg Lamp

A Christmas Story Desk Leg Lamp

The “A Christmas Story” Leg Lamp

If you haven’t already seen the 1983 movie A Christmas Story, you’re missing out. It’s a hilarious comedy about an Indiana family in 1940. Featured is 9-year-old Ralphie Parker who wants nothing more for Christmas than a Red Ryder BB gun. But his family, teacher, and even the department store Santa tell him, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”

An additional subplot features Ralphie’s father, who is referred to as “The Old Man”. Mr. Parker enters a newspaper trivia contest and wins after his wife supplies him with the answer. His prize, much to his wife’s dismay, is a woman’s leg lamp – complete with fishnet stocking and high heel. Supposedly the leg was the logo for the Nehi Bottling Company that sponsored the contest. Her jealousy drives Mrs. Parker to break the lamp and The Old Man attempts to tape it back together after finding that Mrs. Parker has intentionally used up all the glue.

A Christmas Story is filled with bittersweet memories of family (for better or worse) and childhood during the holidays.

In 2007, AOL proclaimed A Christmas Story to be the “#1 Christmas movie of all time. While opinions definitely vary, this film is surely a must-see, even if just to get a glimpse into 1940s fads and kids.

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