Retro Christmas Image 2009: Christmas Tree Icicles

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Christmas Tree Icicles

This Christmas season at we thought it might be interesting to bring you a photo and a little information about some of the interesting retro Christmas items we have here in our offices. So for the next few weeks we’ll be featuring different retro Christmas items from our own collections. Please note these are shown here merely to entertain and inform. They are not for sale.

This is a box of Christmas tree icicles that were made by the Hy-Sil Company of Revere, Massachusetts. The oldest gift wrap manufacturer in the US, the Hy-Sil Company is still in business, celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2003. They are now owned by International Greetings PLC of the UK, who purchased them in 1989.

This box of icicles was manufactured in the 1950s and was a necessity for Christmas tree decorating through the 50s and 60s, although tinsel has been used on trees since the early 1600s in Germany. It was originally made of thin strips of silver up until the 1950s when lighter weight tinsel made of plastic over foil was invented. Unlike the silver tinsel, the new version did not tarnish over time. The use of tinsel had decreased in recent years, as people began decorating trees with a particular theme. But icicles and tinsel are popular once again as more people are decorating their trees in a more retro fashion.