Classic Cruisers Party Favor Ideas and Table Decorations

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For all kinds of events, Classic Cruisers are the way to go. They’re great for parties, summer cookouts, kids’ birthdays, holidays, company parties, class reunions and family gatherings. You can fill them with food like fries, cake and ice cream. Add toys, candy and other items to make party favors that your guests will love to take home. Or you can use them as unique table centerpieces.



You’re not limited to buying one car model at a time. You can mix and match different car cartons, and a discount is applied when you buy 12 or more. The more you buy—the more you save. 

These card stock cartons look just like the original classic automobiles they’re modeled after and are perfect for car buffs and fifties celebrations. Kids love them, too.

Assembly is quick and easy without any need for cutting, tape or glue. Optional plastic cup liners are available for when you plan to add food. Retro Planet also offers these Classic Cruiser cars sold individually or in sets, some filled with candy favor bags and some with toys. So watch our fun video and be sure to check out all of the different car models available at


Last updated: Sep 09, 2015
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