Retro Lighting: Shining the Light on Classic Ford

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Ford Script Table LampOne of America’s most famous brands has been lighting the way in the auto industry for more than 100 years. For years, Ford enthusiasts have been decking out dens, garages and man caves with Ford tin signs, neon clocks and related decor. Next up: a full line of retro-style table lamps sporting the Ford logo, slogans and classic rides.

The current version of the Ford logo – the Centennial Blue Oval – was unveiled in 20013. Now it’s showcased on a fresh batch of modern-style lamps (five in all!). Each design is a unique incorporation of the brand and looks cool when the light is on or off.  It’s easy to see these casting light in a game room, den or on the workbench in the garage.

Ford Oval Table Lamp

Ford Oval Logo Table Lamp Design (wrap-around shade)


Made in the USA, these lamps feature a 9″ high shade and brushed nickel base. Standing 21″ high, they’re designed to be noticed and act as the visual center of a room. The lampshades feature wraparound artwork so it can be viewed from any angle.

If nostalgic designs and vintage Ford trucks and cars are your thing, there are several designs, including atomic and replica advertising.

Ford Tons of Fun Table Lamp

The “Tons of Fun” lamp features a 1960 Ford F-100. The atomic-style design is pure retro.

Retro Ford Anti-Freeze Desk Lamp

This lamp features replica advertising – back when Anti-Freeze was just 25-cents a quart!

61 Ford Econoline Lamp

The ’61 Ford Econoline advertisement lampshade would go perfect in an auto dealer’s or service manager’s office.

Mustang fan? Today’s popular muscle car started production in the 1960s with eye-popping ad campaigns and signage. For many, the Mustang is truly representative of the retro auto industry. With a revolutionary design, these cars were both fashionable and durable.

Mustang Nation Table Lamp

The Mustang Nation lamp features an aged shade, giving it a nostalgic look.

Ford Mustang Fastback Table Lamp

This classic Mustang lamp features a repeat design of a Fastback Mustang against a slightly weathered background.

Blue 66 Mustang Grille Lamp

This iconic design features the grille of a blue 1966 Mustang. Vroom, vroom…

Classic Cool 64 Mustang Lamp

The Classic Cool ’64 Mustang lamp reminds us of diners and drive-ins. It sports a Mustang convertible and logo on a dotted design.

And for those who love Ford power performance, there’s a classic design “Powered by” tiled shade, as well as a Ford Racing design.

Did I mention the finishing touch – a classic pull chain for on/off operation?

Ford Performance Parts Table Lamp

Ford Performance Parts Racing Table Lamp Design

Powered by Ford Table Lamp

“Powered by Ford” Logo desk lamp


Are you loving these new Ford lamps as much as I am? Where would you put one – in the garage, at the office? I’d love to hear just how deep your Ford loyalty runs…

Last updated: Feb 16, 2013
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