Clever Repurposing Tip With a Diner Sugar Dispenser

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We can all relate to this. You need a bit of baker’s twine or ribbon, so you open the drawer (or cupboard) and find a tangled mess. Now the twine has to be sorted out before you can actually use it. We have a clever tip for eliminating this annoying process. Repurpose a glass sugar dispenser to hold the twine or ribbon so it flows out smoothly and is prevented from tangling in the first place.

        1. Simply place the twine or ribbon spool into the dispenser.
        2. Feed a length of the twine or ribbon out through the hole in the lid.


Sugar pourer filled with spool of baker's twine.

Simple and effective!

Now you have a retro diner inspired twine dispenser! Next time you need a length of twine or ribbon, simply pull out the desired amount and then snip with with a scissor. Easy!


Retro Sugar Dispenser for taming ribbon

Yep, ribbon, too!

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Last updated: Jul 11, 2014
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