Coca-Cola 1950s Waterfall Sign

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Coke Countertop Sign

These are photos of two 1950s Coca-Cola countertop display signs. One sign reads, “Pause and Refresh, Drink Coca-Cola, Fountain Service” and on the other sign, “Pause, Drink Coca-Cola, Please Pay Cashier”. Both of these glass and metal display signs light up. On one, the background behind “Pause” spins while on the other, the waterfall glitters when lit. These signs each measure about 19 inches in length.

These are both eye-catching signs used as point of purchase advertising. The slogan, “The Pause That Refreshes” was used by the Coca-Cola Company starting in 1929. But the styling of these signs points to a manufacture date of some time in the 1950s. The waterfall is an image that appears in Coke advertising throughout the years.

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