Having a Coca-Cola Christmas: Decorating with Coke

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We know this to be true about the “real thing”—Coca-Cola. Collectors of Coke memorabilia can never own enough items featuring the world’s most popular soft drink to decorate their homes and businesses. Their drive to acquire always more seems insatiable. We understand, as a symbol of simpler times, vintage Coca-Cola signs and other products are sure to fill one with nostalgia and holiday cheer this time of year. When looking for Coca-Cola items with a Christmas theme, look no further than the fun and useful items found at RetroPlanet.com.

The Coca-Cola Santa Claus

Of the many advertising campaigns produced by the Coca-Cola Company, the most iconic ads are those featuring the image of Santa Claus created by Haddon Sundblom. The Coca-Cola Santa is featured on these gorgeous signs and canvases that can be hung on a wall or rested on a mantle or shelf—adding Christmas cheer with little to no effort. At the ready, awaiting piping hot chocolate, is the Coca-Cola Santa mug displaying Sundblom’s jolly old elf.


Coke Time Sign

Item #: 22310 Coca-Cola Santa Claus Coke Time Metal Sign


Wherever Sign

Item #: 152138 Coca-Cola Wherever I Go Santa Tin Sign


Happy Holidays

Item #: 37156 Coca-Cola Santa Happy Holidays Canvas Wall Art


Santa and Elf

Item #: 37158 Coca-Cola Santa Merry Christmas Canvas Wall Art


Santa Mug

Item #: 42044 Coca-Cola Santa Claus Porcelain Coffee Mug

Coca-Cola Gives Hostesses A Helping Hand

In keeping with the Christmas theme and entertaining, we have many beautiful Coke products that will add festive Coca-Cola flair to your home and make you the hostess with the most-est!


Coke Straws

Have a Coca-Cola straw dispenser at the ready for your guests. Item #: 7204 Coca-Cola Soda Fountain Straw Dispenser


Coke Tray

Item #: 151516 Coca-Cola Six Pack Melamine Serving Tray


S&P Shakers

Item #: 31924 Coca-Cola Bottle Green Salt and Pepper Shakers Rack


Utensil Caddy

Item #: 154126 Coca-Cola Picnic Flatware Caddy Wood


Wood Tray

Item #: 151719 Coca-Cola Wood Serving Tray Vintage Style

Coca-Cola Red and Green Brings Holiday Cheer

Coca-Cola signs, drinking glasses, napkins, and clocks can also add to the festive mood when they feature your favorite soft drink—and red and green. These products will help you serve up a memorable holiday experience for your family and loved ones. (The fact that acquiring these will also feed your Coca-Cola obsession doesn’t hurt, either!)


Vintage Sign

The Coca-Cola at Fountains Sign has a gorgeous vintage green and red design that blends perfectly with other Christmas decorations. Item #: 22309 Coca-Cola At Fountains In Bottles Metal Sign


Ice Cold

Item #: 22821 Coca-Cola Ice Cold Sold Here 1916 Metal Sign



Item #: 37618 Coca-Cola Bottling Vintage Style Drinking Glass


Coke Glass

Item #: 37619 Coca-Cola Bell Soda Fountain Drinking Glass


Coke Opener

Item #: 155357 Coca-Cola Fishtail Wall Mounted Bottle Opener



Item #: 48774 Coca-Cola Bottling Co Paper Drink Napkins


Coke Clock

Item #: 34450 Coca-Cola Evergreen Neon Clock


LED Sign

Item #: 118857 Coca-Cola Evergreen Backlit LED Sign


Not already in the mood for Christmas cheer? Reading our blog about the origins of the Coca-Cola Santa should certainly help.

We wish you a very happy and blessed Christmas as you get ready to gather and celebrate with friends and family. Please send us photos of your Coca-Cola Christmas decor. We love to share our creative customer decorating ideas!


Last updated: Nov 21, 2017
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